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ˇˇˇˇMainly engaged in the research of engineering technologies for rare metal materials and material processing, the Engineering Research Center (ERC) is dealing with the development and trial manufacturing of these materials and rare metal equipments. Its technological fields include: titanium used for chemical industry and aviation, zirconium and hafnium used for nuclear electric power, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium used for electronics and electrical lighting source, and the research focuses on the preparation of metal billets, the processing and application technologies for tube, bar, wire, plate and foil as well as the technologies for the deep processing of these materials and the manufacturing of equipments. By means of Vacuum Arc Furnace with one-ton capacity, the 500KW Electron Beam Cold Hearth Furnace and the High-temperature Sintering Furnace, ERC is able to make the pilot production evolution for the processing techniques of high quality billets. Meanwhile, it also owns the trial production line for high quality billet, the trial production line for tubes making, the trial production line for plates, sheets and foils, the trial production line for rods, wires fabricating and trial production line for down stream processing technologies. The equipments from the above lines have formed a full series of manufacturing means from rare metal melting and casting to various processed products, which makes ERC become the only production base in China with integrated manufacturing means, world advanced capability for trial production and manufacturing in large quantity. Since its construction and operation in recent years, ERC has undertaken the tasks of R&D for state great projects such as the Cooperative Project for the National Defense Science and Technology, State "863" Project and State "Tenth Five Year Plan" Project etc., gaining over 10 significant achievements, patents and proprietary technologies. It also has carried out the engineering research for rare metal billet, wire, rod, tube, plate, sheet, foil as well as down stream processing technologies, and timely transfers and extends these technologies into industries. At the same time, it has cultivated a batch of talents for technology and management, and some of them were transferred to the relevant high-tech enterprises.