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1、General introduction
  The research of material science and engineering is the main line of the scientific research work in NIN. After 40 years¨ development, NIN has formed particular research and technological development fields including superconducting materials, titanium alloys, nuclear materials, refractory metal materials, clad metal materials, metallic fiber materials and porous materials, precious metal materials, biological engineering materials, pressure processing, powder metallurgy, surface technology, welding technology, applied chemistry, material physics and information research. Since more than 40 years, NIN has completed a total of more than 2,000 scientific research projects, including Major State Basic Research Development Program of China (973 Program), National High-tech Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), State Scientific and Technological Support Program, National Torch Plan, Cooperative Projects for State Defense Technology, and projects required by provinces and ministries or commissioned by application enterprises, gaining over 1500 research achievements among which 1100 were awarded for different prizes. Meanwhile, a large number of research results were transferred into high-tech industries, and over 8,500 new products developed, providing a large quantity of key materials and components for China's national economy, national security and high-tech development, and some products even survived in the international market. NIN also has an engineering research center and several national high-tech industrial demonstration projects. At present, the institute has altogether 8 research laboratories and 3 research centers with more than 900 scientific and technological personnel, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 200 senior engineers and professors as well as 100 masters and doctors, forming a strong R&D team with rational structure, high quality and high efficiency.
2、The main research direction and research fields:
  Research Direction
  Developing new strategic high-tech materials, transforming and upgrading basic raw materials, promoting the industrialization of high technologies, meeting the demand of national key projects and national defense projects.
  Research fields:
  Research fields are described as follows:
  Rare metal equipment manufacturing technology:
3、Research means
  At present, NIN has over 3000 sets of equipments, with integrated processing capability for rare metal plate, strip, foil, rod and Wire. More than 300 sets equipments were imported from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other countries. A large number of equipments such as Electronic Beam Cold Hearth Furnace, Vacuum Arc Furnace, Step-by-Step Rolling Mill and High-temperature Sintering Furnace are at contemporary international advanced level. Meanwhile, NIN has complete physical and chemical analyzing and testing equipments, which provide strong support for the research.
Basic research: material application, basic theory for material processing and the microstructure of metal materials. Technologic research: processing technology, powder metallurgy, metal explosive clad processing and welding, corrosion and protection, metallurgy, design and manufacturing of rare metal equipments, research on the technology of fine chemicals.  Material research: superconducting materials, titanium alloys, refractory metals and alloys, nuclear materials, precious metals and alloys, biological engineering materials, nano-materials, special high-performance materials and catalysts. Characteristics: Because of excellent mechanical property, corrosion resistance and performance Ccost ratio, the equipments can be applied in all kinds of harsh and special conditions. Direction: NIN Group will own the key technologies for the manufacturing of rare metal and clad metal equipments, such as the overall systematic engineering capability including the explosive cladding of rare metals, the welding of rare metal clad materials, cold molding, hot molding as well as the material selection, design and manufacturing etc. Achievements: NIN Group gained a total of more than 30 scientific and technological achievements, with 19 awarded for prizes by the province or ministry. Position: As the earliest institute engaged in the technological research and application of rare metal equipments in china, NIN Group is currently the only national units owning with the manufacturing technology of tantalum-steel concentrator, which covers over 50% of the market share. Application areas: It is mainly used for the manufacturing of equipments for the industry of petrochemical, environmental protection and marine engineering such as reactor, tower, storage and transportation equipment, heat exchanger, centrifuge, coil heater, fan, pump, valve as well as concentrated sulfuric acid equipment.