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    After being set up, NIN achieved a total of 1,500 scientific results, more than 150 patents and proprietary technologies, along with over 350 National Awards and Provincial Prizes.
    And a total of 8500 new products has been developed and produced.
    NIN won 14 Golden Awards for Outstanding Newly-invented Products and 7 gold and silver medals in the International Exposition and of National Torch Program Awards.
    Many specifically-required rare metal materials or elements have been provided for the sectors of national defense, machinery, metallurgy, chemical and for other key projects and departments.
    The achievements of NIN are really triumph and encouraging. The institute gained so many First at home, such as:
    First high temperature and high strength titanium alloy TC9 applied to domestic advanced aviation engine;
    First airworthiness certificate was received, through which titanium fasteners are allowed to be used home-made aircraft;
    First piece of titanium / steel clad plate was fabricated;
    First piece of the seamless titanium cathode cylinder with 1m diameter was turned out, which was used for producing electrolytic copper foil;
    First piece of large seamless deformed molybdenum tube with 216mm diameter;
    First batch of Zr-4 alloy square pipe was turned out, used in China's first low-temperature heating reactor;
    First C103 Nb radiation cooling nozzle was made, used in the carrier rocket to ensure the successful launch of the satellite;
    First piece of the Nb alloy antenna was turned out, which was used in the self-developed recovery satellites;
    First batch of Zr-2 alloy clad tube of reactor core and hafnium control rod was turned out commercially
    the only holder of 4 world-record of the conductivity of low-temperature and high-temperature superconducting materials:
    PMP method used for preparing Y high-temperature superconducting materials is one of the world's three major authority mathods;
    Bismuth high-temperature superconductive cables produced in NIN was assessed to be one of ten topnews of China's science and technology in 1998;
    First piece of 370m, 500kg NbTi superconductor made laid a material foundation for the thermonuclear fusion device construction;
    First piece of low temperature high-performance NdFeB magnets was used in certain aircraft;
    First Ti / stainless steel transition joints was turned out, which turned the processing of joints from dissimilar metal welding to similar metal linking, and which was successfully used in DFH-3 satellite;
    First batch of large-diameter single crystal of tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum or niobium were turned out in China;
    First warm tube rolling mill was manufactured successfully, used to process hard deformed metal.