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    Early in the 1970s, NIN took the lead in cooperation with Northeastern University (NEU) (formerly Northeast Engineering Institute) in educating and training of key technicians in various forms, which created a unique joint-training of personnel throughout China:
    In 1988, the Northwest Division of the NEU Graduate School was founded in NIN;
    In 1990, the Northwest Division in NIN made separate enrollment plan;
    In 1992, NIN scholarships were set up in NEU;
    At the beginning of 1994, upon approval, Northwest Division was officially renamed the Northwest Branch of the Graduate School of Northeastern University (NEU);
    In 1995, upon approval, the first Sub-Committee of Postgraduate Degree Evaluation was established in the Northwest Branch, starting the reporting, registering and approving work for degrees.
    Postgraduate cultivation in Northwest Branch makes full use of the strengths from both universities and research institutes. In universities, there is a solid faculty group, favorable teaching conditions, lots of experienced tutors; while in research institutes, there are many outstanding experts and professionals, well-advanced research equipments, valuable research projects along with a funding guaranteed and a good research environment provided. Thus, by joint-efforts, a solid foundation was laid down with all these advantages to produce high-level and well-qualified graduates with a firm theoretical knowledge and strong adaptability.
    Postgraduate training here adopts double-instructor teaching-style.
    School supervisors are mainly responsible for the causes teaching. They together with institute supervisors discuss the theoretical and complementary courses for students according to studentsĄŻ research direction.
    On the other hand, institute supervisors provide the research projects, funds and experimental facilities for studentsĄŻ dissertations.
    In fact, for more than 10 years after establishment of the Northwest Branch, nearly 100 postgraduates and doctors have been cultivated and became pillars of national projects and nation development through this joint-training system.
The Northwest Branch
Ceremony for conferring the degree