International Cooperation 2007-9-25 Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research (NIN)
  From the late 1970s, NIN has carried out various forms of international cooperation and technological exchanges, and has established long-term scientific and technological exchanges and commercial cooperation with more than 200 units from 20 countries and regions such as France, Germany, United   States, Japan, United Kingdom, Russia and Romania.
  In the recent 10 years, NIN has dispatched over 400 people for overseas study and research, invited more than 700 foreign experts and scholars to give lectures, and has undertaken over 20 scientific and technological cooperative projects between governments with France, Japan and other countries.
  NIN has played an important role in the activities of over 10 domestic and international academic organizations such as ITA, ICMC, IUMRS, International Plansee Refractory Metal Research Association, C-MRS and so on.
  NIN has Sponsored and hosted a large number of domestic and international conference and seminars, including National Superconducting Applications conference, National refractory metals conference, National Titanium conference, 98 Xi'an International Titanium conference, 97 Practical Superconducting Critical Current International Conference, Seminar on the Development Status of New Materials and Development Trend in the 21st Century, the Eighth International Electronic Materials Conference, 2005 Xi'an Titanium Technology Week, Sino-Russian New Materials Seminar, Sino-French Bilateral Academic Conference, Sino-French Seminar on Nano-materials, and Sino-Japanese Salt International Seminars, International Zirconium Conference, which received high reputation both at home and abroad with brand effect.
  The cooperation of superconducting materials between NIN and France CNRS has been attached great importance by the two governments, and 2 French ambassadors made special visits to NIN. In 2003, NIN and CNRS created the first Sino-France International Associated laboratory in the field of materials---the International Associated Laboratory for the Applications of Superconductors and magnetic Materials.
  When French President Jacques Chirac's visited Shanghai in 2004, he said: the research for superconducting materials between China and France has reached the highest level in the world; "Sino-French joint press" says: the cooperation for Superconducting materials technology is now at a leading international level. In 2005, Professor Genie from CNRS hired by NIN was awarded "National Friendship Prize ̄
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