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  Superconductivity is a Hi-technology with strategy in the 21 century important application will be on energy, information system, transportation, medical care,scientific instruments,national defense and other key scientific engineering.Especially the high-temperature superconductivity (HTS)power technology is the unique reservationtechnology for the 21 st century power industry.The Superconducting Materials Research Lab (SMRL) in the Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research (NIN) is an important research unit for the naitonal 863 projects on superconductivity and for the research and production on superconducting materials in China.
  Since the beginning of 1960¡¯s ,SMRC has engaged in the manufacturing technology of low temperature superconducting materials. During the 70¡¯ the monocore and multifilamentary (MF) NbTi and NbSn supercondcting composite wires, tapes and cables can be produced in small batch.Early in the 80¡¯, the threshold current density Jc of NbTi/Cu multifilamentary composites reached 3.5?105A/cm2 (4.2K,5T),setting a world record during that time.NIN succeeds in the production of MF NbTi superconducting wire with a makes progresses in the cost reduction of high quality NbTi bars and wires, SMRC has become one of the few manufactuers of NbTi bars and wires with high-quality and low produciton cost in the world.
  Research on HTS has been started in the end of 80¡¯s in SMRC, such as YbaCuO and BiSrCaCuO a new manufacturing process for bulk REBCO materials has been invented, named after Powder Melting Process (i.e. PMP) ,which was called as ¡°A significant achievement with creativeness among the naitonal strategic projects on superconductivity in China¡±by the domestic experts and collegues on superconductivity.With this process, bulk YbaCuO superconductors with the highest Jc over the world.SMRC can be manufactured. A great of progress has also been made on the research of Bi-2223 superconductors,e.g. high Jc of 5.2?104A/cm2 (77K,self field)for Bi-2223/Ag short tapes,3.0 ?104A/cm2 (77K,self field)for MF Bi-2223/Ag long tape by PIT (powder-in tape) process and Je higher than 7300A/cm2(77K, self field).