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  Electronic Materials Research Lab (EMRL) in Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research Group (NIN) has been set up in 1960¡¯s, mainly engaged in the research of electronic materials of precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Iridium and their alloys) and R & D, testing and achievements transforming for other electronic materials (Ta, Nb, Cu, Ni, Al etc). In order to make important contributions for Chinese economic development, the research achievements are now widely used in the fields of aerospace, aviation, navigation, atomic energy, instruments, micro-electron, Chemistry, petroleum, environment, metallurgy, automobile, power control and so on.
  The main research directions and fields are hydrogen purified materials, electric contacting materials, resistant materials, brush materials, conductive rings, elastic materials, braze welding materials, composite materials, sensitive materials, electrode materials etc..
  The main products are formed with capillaries, pipes, plates, foils, rods, wires, ingots, particulates£¬ultra-fine particles, powders, compounds£¬membrane materials and all kinds of composites materails.
  The research achievements: more than 50 key National Projects have been undertaken. Over 40 scientific achievements have been obtained including 20 provincial and ministry achievements and 6 national patents.