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   The Corrosion & Protection Research Lab (CPRL) in Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research Group (NIN) is mainly engaged in surface coating materials and surface treatment techniques with 30 years¨ history. It undertook above 30 research projects with domestic and international advanced level including 18 projects obtained provincial awards. The main research in the fields: plasma spraying coating, ion plating, thermal spraying, CVD of rare metals (W 、 Ta 、 Mo 、 Nb), PVD, plating, chemical plating, electrophoresis plating, salt melt plating, solid pack cementation, roasting vacuum cementation and metal surface fine decoration etc..
  Coating research as follows:
  1.abrasive super-hardness coating: ion cementation metal and cementation coating used in axletree and blade etc. permit to increase 5 times service life.
  2.ion coating of TiN、CrN、TiAlN used in the surface of knives and moulds permit to increase 2-10 times service life.
  3.bio-coating: intensive abrasive oxide coating formed in Ti surface in order to increase the abrasion and bio-compatibility.
  4.anti-oxidation coating in high temperature: protection for rare metals ( refractory metals and their alloys, Ti and Ti alloys) in elevated temperature oxidation resistant condition mainly used in aerospace and aeronautics industry.
  5.lubrication coating: thermal processing protection of Ti, Zr, Nb and their alloys and protection of cladding plate sealing for Ti, Ti/steel flexible coupling heat punch.
  6. decoration coating: colorful coating formed by PVD, anode oxidation.
  7. resistant corrosion of epoxy-Fe panit, crevice resistant corrosion coating of Ti-Pd, ion coating fot Al, Ti, Zr, Cr.
  8. thermal spraying, heat spraying welding of MoCrAlY coating, ceramic coating of Al2O3、ZrO2、TiO2.
  9. bio-ceramic and special functional coating, etc..