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  National Engineering Research Centre for Rare Metal Material Processing (NERCRMMP) relied on Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research Group (NIN). Its main technical direction is as follows:
  a. manufacture of high performance ingots for three kinds of materials (Ti alloys for aerospace; Zr materials for nuclear power; W, Mo materials for electronic and electric lights).
  b. processing and applied technique for tubes, bars, wires and foils.
  c. semi-products processing and equipments manufacture. This center is specialized mainly in engineering technology for rare metal materials and processing; connected with special technology for basic theory, application, protection, explosive cladding and surface treatment of metals; research mainly on new & hi-tech, industrialization and applied technology; joint with development and trial-manufacture in scales of rare metal products.
  Relied on the base of testing technique, equipments for sintering, melting, processing and properties and professional talents, the key equipments with international level have been introduced in this center such as 500kw electron beam cold hearth melting furnace, 1t vacuum arc furnace, big tape high temperature sintering furnace, step by step rolling machine, cylinder drawing machine, etc. All this formed the engineering research transferring base for rare metal materials processing.