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    With regard to the international development trends of nanomaterial technologies, Nanomaterial Research Center of NIN Group is conducting in the relatively superiority fields of advantageous rare metals and strategic competitive areas, R&D of nanopowders, nanostructural materials, nanoporous materials, special functional nanomaterials and the modification of traditional rare metal materials by adopting nanotechnologies etc., so as to form a burgeoning nano-industrial chain with independent intellectual property.
    The Center, supported by the strong R&D capability of NIN Group, is dedicated to the following directions:
     the preparation and application research of rare metal nanopowders (tungsten, tantalum, niobium and vanadium) and rare metal oxide materials with nanostructure;
     the preparation of porous materials of nanostructure;
     the preparation of TiNi system shape memory alloy films and their properties.
    2The exploration of the peculiar characteristics of nanomaterials and the analysis of the special phenomena and features in nano areas.
    3The transferring of traditional material research area by adopting nanotechnologies to produce the high value-added products.