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  New Materials Research Lab (NMRL) is one of the research units in Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research Group (NIN), which has been engaged in R&D of high performance structural materials, functional materials and new processing techniques including high melting refractory metals (e.g. W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Zr, Hf). Property evaluations and analyses of materials have also been undertaken at the same time.
  There is a specialized research team devoting to R&D in the field of materials and engineering in this center including 8 professors, 6 senior engineers, 8 Doctors and Masters, 19 engineers and assistant engineers.
  Since 30 years, up to now, the researchers in the center have successfully undertaken more than 40 research projects with financial support from the government and the province. And many significant achievements have been obtained. On the one hand, great emphasis has been paid on improvement of traditional materials by new technologies and Hi-Tech. Later, breakthrough has been gained continuously in fields of purification, homogeneity, strengthening, composite, which have been transferred to commercial production. The quality of traditional products has been increased remarkably. On the other hand, more attention has been paid on designing and developing new materials using advanced technologies. Some new alloys have been developed with our-selves intellectual property rights. These new products and new alloys are widely used in aerospace, weapons, ships, nuclear power, petrochemical industry, electronics, transportation, energy and other industries. Up to now, more than 30 research projects have been awarded from government, ministry or province. 6 patents have been authorized and more than 200 papers have been published.
  With equipments in NIN such as electric beam cold hearth furnace, vacuum arc furnace, step by step rolling miller, roller die wire drawing machine, high speed tube-roller and high temperature sintering furnace and other advanced facilities for testing, we do hope to make continuously successes in the future in the field of R&D for new materials and new technologies in this center.