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  The Biomaterials Research Lab (BRL) in Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research (NIN) was founded in 1998. The research interests of BRC mainly focus on the fields of biomedical Ti Alloys and biomedical ceramics etc. In recent years, BRC has undertaken more than 30 projects including National 863 and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). BRC obtained the manufacturing license of Medical Devices in 2002 and set up the quality management system according to ISO9001.
  More than 10 staff members in the centre including an academician, professors, senior engineers, doctors and masters. One specialized lab, also a lab without bacteria for 100000 grade and more than 20 equipments for processing, analyses and testing in order to R & D for manufacture, processing, structure analyze, mechanical testing for biomaterials. Academic exchange and cooperation with Universities, Institutes and Companies from over 20 foreign countries and areas including France, German, USA, Japan etc. have been taken on. 30 Projects are undertaken from National Key Projects 863, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and all kinds of scientific projects.
  NIN (BRC) possess manufacturing license for medical instruments enterprises of surgery implants (grade 3). ISO9002 quality system authentication has been obtained in 2002, which provides R & D, processing and various high performance medical Ti alloys processing materials for research, manufacture and usage of medical instruments (surgery implants).