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  As the light corrosion resistant structural materials, new functional materials and important biomedical materials, Ti and Ti alloys have become one of the main research fields in Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research (NIN). Titanium Alloy Research Lab (TARL) is the one of main research units in NIN Group.
  The research on Ti alloys begun at the beginning of 60s in NIN. The initial research focused on the high temperature titanium and high strength titanium alloys for aerospace and aeronautics. Later, according to different demands in China, its research fields has been extending and forming the new research structure for all kinds of titanium alloys.
  The typical features for the research of Ti alloys are as follows:
  1.The research on Ti and Ti alloys is to rely mainly on the applications for military industry. The titanium alloys have been or will be used for national key military engineering (e.g. airplanes, missiles, satellites, rockets, nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, etc.), which takes up more than 90% of the total amount. The history of the research progress on Ti in NIN represents the developing course of Chinese high-tech weapons in a certain extent.
  2.The research fields are very extensive, including many brands and varieties for Ti alloys. There are more than 50 Ti alloys, consisting of , +, , 2 (Ti3Al), (TiAl) and so on, which can belong to structural materials, functional materials, high temperature Ti alloys, cryogenic Ti alloys, high performance Ti alloys for aerospace, aeronautics and shipbuilding, corrosion resistant Ti alloys for civil use and low cost Ti alloys. The numbers of Ti alloy brands take up the first place among the research units in China.
  3.A lot of creative R&D have been made on Ti alloys. The total research level in TRC is advanced, which takes the leading place in China.
  More than 150 research projects on Ti have been set up in TRC during the past 40 years.
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