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   The Information Center (IC) in Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research Group (NIN) was founded in 1965. It consists of three parts: edition, translation and library. Three magazines are published: ¡°Rare Metal Materials and Engineering¡± (RMME), ¡°Titanium Industry Progress¡± (TIP) and ¡°Rare Metals Letters¡± (RML) as the core magazine in the field of rare metal material and processing in China. Translation includes English, French, German and Russia. This center is awarded model group in CNNC. More than 30000 books and 300 kinds¡¯ periodicals in the library formed the professional and specialized library.
  Following the reform of NIN Group, ¡°Rare Metal Materials and Engineering¡± (RMME) and ¡°Titanium Industry Progress¡± (TIP) are recently are become an independent periodical office--- Xi¡¯an Top Information Co., Ltd . And ¡°Rare Metals Letters¡± (RML) is also joined into Xi¡¯ an Net Information Co., Ltd..
  This center is now divided into 2 parts: library and information service. Library is opened to the public in NIN and information service offers the academic exchange with Russian.